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The Power of Red Lipstick

The Power of Red Lipstick by Stephanie Flor Edited by Karen Mowlsimage
Author of “Read My Lips,” Meg Cohan, believes that lipstick is a turn-on, an icon, and an international symbol of the feminine mystique.

"Red is a color that causes changes in the body. It stimulates the appetite and increases blood pressure. It’s the color with the longest wavelength to the human eye" -Pallingston, 1999   
My Top 4 Favorite Red Lipsticks:
Bite Beauty - This natural lip care company makes custom colors at their Bite Beauty Lab and sell their product exclusively at Sephora. MY favorite red is their VIB Rouge Creme Lipstick in Bright Red.  It’s a cream formula which keep your lips hydrated all day. Its also the one used in their head turning beauty campaigns. That lip was everything. 
Chanel’s “Pirate” - Maybe it’s their symbol of feminine class that makes me feel ultra chic when using my Chanel, but this lipstick looks beautiful on warm skin tones as it has a blue undertone. It makes the lips pop and has the just the perfect amount of shine. I’m also a junkie for the packaging. 
"Ruby Woo" Extra Matte by Mac - This famous red is a must for every beauty lovers makeup bag. Made to last, this super matte lipstick screams RED FIRE!   
Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘Love”- I love the history behind this lipstick and its iconic look. It’s perfect for any skin tone. This lipstick has lasted since its inception in 1951 so it is truly a classic.
Lipstick has re-invented itself more times than Madonna. It allows the wearer to express a statement or represent freedom.- Stephanie Flor
"Lipstick is sometimes the first thing noticed and the last thing remembered” -Ragas Cohan, 1998

Multitasking Must-Haves

Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden
You will find this product in makeup artist’s kits all over the world. It’s great for dry skin, chapped lips and burns. Plus, you can create very cool glowing makeup look using just a little bit of the product on your eyes, lips and cheeks.


Kevin Aucoin Beauty “The Creamy Glow”
When packing for vacation, don’t forget your cream blush!  This is a very versatile product as it can be used as blush, lipstick and even eyeshadow.


Le Jour De Chanel Reactivate Moisturizer
Gel water-based moisturizer is perfect for summer. It also provides a great makeup base.


Shiseido Suncare Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 - SP 10
This product is an absolute must-have for summer! One of the strongest SPFs available in foundation form. While the product is busy protecting your skin, it also makes your face stunningly beautiful by providing a nice, warm glow.


Protect your skin from the harsh sun this summer and look fabulous while doing it! Follow my tips to prevent sun damage while looking fierce at the same time!

Written by Mari Shten

Edited by Karen Mowls

Around The World Beauty Series

Hi Moxie Lovers,

Our Moxie Artist Stephanie Flor launched her Around The World Beauty Series on Youtube. 

Watch as Stephanie travels throughout the world documenting her beauty adventures and learning about sacred traditions. 

With a mission to keep beauty heritage alive she will share a specific beauty ritual on every video from a different beauty destination. New episodes every Thursday at 7pm EST. You don’t want to miss it. 

Make sure to subscribe and support her mission by commenting and sharing her work. Here is a link

Here are some of Around The World Beauty latest episodes. Click the pictures to get re-directed to the video.


Around the World Beauty Traveler Stephanie Flor travels to Peru and Ecuador to discover the Lipstick Tree. Throughout Latin America you will discover the sacred achiote plant that has been used for centuries throughout the Inca and mayan civilization. Rich in color Its filled with red seeds that is used as makeup,body paint, hair coloring and dyes for textiles and food. Join me on this journey to get painted using this sacred beauty ingredient from the Amazon.


Around the World Beauty Traveler Stephanie Flor travels to Peru and learns about the beauty of Braids in the Inca Culture.


Around the World Beauty Traveler Stephanie Flor travels to Ecuador and discovers Volcanic Mud.
Mud has been used for thousand of years in civilizations that surround active volcanoes throughout Central and South America.

Looking cool even when it’s sizzling hot…

 Smears, smudges and stains.  There’s lots to love about summer, but what’s a gal to do when her summer makeup just won’t stay put? Stephanie Flor – who was recently featured in Glamour, People en Espanol, and Latina, among others - shares her favorite summer tips that will leave you looking cool even when it’s sizzling hot

  • Prevent Makeup From Smudging – The best way to prevent makeup from smudging is by using a makeup sealer.  “My favorite is Urban Decay All Nighter,” explains Stephanie.  “It prevents the makeup from melting and settling into fine lines.
  • Use Waterproof MascaraAnastasia Lash Genius waterproof topcoat seals any mascara for a perfect day at the beach without smearing.
  • Lighten Things Up for Summer - Take your makeup and mix. Are you obsessed with your lip color from winter?  Mix it with Aquaphor LipRepair to create a softer stain while keeping your lips hydrated and smooth.
  • Can’t Live Without Your Charcoal Black Liner?  Mark Kay Gel Eyeliner is perfect for the summer. It’s long-wearing and smudge proof. Gel is a great way to keep your look without worrying about it getting under your eyes.
  • Want to look flawless this summer?  Use Skyn Iceland Eye gels before a big event to get all your antioxidants and face vitamins in less than 10 minutes. Want an extra plus pop them in the freezer and then use for 15 minutes. Youll instantly look awake,  and all you need is a little mascara and lip stain. Recently became obsessed, 

Written by Stephanie Flor Edited by Jeanine j9PR